2012 Wedding Highlights

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2012 Wedding Highlights

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Our wedding season is off to a great start with some amazing celebrations! One of the special things about hosting wedding celebrations is experiencing some special moments and this year has been full of them. Our Kissing Game continues to be a hit with wedding guest as we flip the script on the old tradition of the “clinking of the glasses”. In our game, when the guest clink their glasses, the bride & groom call other couples to kiss in front of everyone. In the case of James & Christine’s kissing game, at Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton, CA, they picked their parents! What made it extra special was the fact that they had never seen their parents smooch! This brought down the house!

Having lost my father at a young age, I was brought to tears from our next memorable moment from Dan & Anna’s big day at Seascape resort in Aptos, CA. Dan had asked me for advice on how to dedicate a song to honor his mom who had passed away. But I didn’t realize the amount of emotion & tears it would create as Dan and his siblings danced their Mother/Son dance to Billy Joel’s “She Has a Way”. I still get worked up envisioning Dan & his family looking up to the sky during the dance. There is no doubt that Dan’s mom was in the room that day.

The “grand entrance” is usually reserved for the bride. But in the case of Michael & Jennifer’s celebration, it was the groom who stole the spotlight walking into the ceremony to the Star War song “Throne Room”. Thank you Michael for taking my advice and making this bold decision to make your wedding day extra ordinary. What can you say but may the force be with you Michael & Jen!